Patriot Reform aims to streamline policy, educate voters, and inspire civic engagement.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”
– Ronald Reagan

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You’re not alone.

America is on the verge of a cultural shift. It is not enough to win national elections; we must focus on local elections. If everybody in this picture ran for office, imagine what we could achieve!

Harmful government policy, low-information voters, and indoctrination in our schools are the reason America is a mess. Help us change that!

Battle Strategy

Streamline Policy

Like President Trump’s deregulation initiative, our goal is to optimize and clean up local policy and regulations that burden our communities.

Educate Voters

We can no longer rely on “news” agencies to keep us informed. Through local committees and interviewing candidates, we will increase education among voters like never before.

Refine Our Schools

We must keep our schools accountable and demand top-tier education for our children. We’re forced to pay for these schools! No more teaching our children to hate our country.

Inspire Civic Engagement

We must invest in our future. With our Battle Strategy, we hope to win the cultural war and maintain a prosperous America for all.

We are no longer silent.

Join the fight today.

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